This research represents combination of experimental development and industrial research under the auspices of  consortium created by two participants (Tecpa s.r.o. a VŠB-TUO). The project is focused on research and development of innovative technologies of monitoring of heart and breath activities during magnetic resonance examination.

The aim of the project is the research and development of a multichannel pressure sensor system that is immune to an electromagnetic interference that arises during the magnetic resonance. Among other related expected results also belong a prototype of singlechannel sensor system, controllinf software as well as a complex full scale production.

Outputs of the research can make the examination thanks to MRI faster because there is no long preparation needy like ordinary techniques need (mainly cleaning and shaving places for attaching EKG electrodes). The output of project will be a simple solution in the form of a bed taht will be implemented into the pad of MR scaner. This way of activating magnetic resonance is simple and compatible witl all producers of scaners with varios intensities of magnetic pole.