It represents a solution of project under the responsibility of technological company Safibra, s.r.o. based on the VŠB-TUO group´s know-how that deals with fiber optic sensors. Another partners in the project that are included there are Czech Technical University in Prague and multidisciplinary construction company Subterra a.s.

The project is focused on an applied research and experimental development of new techniques and technologies of monitoring based on fiber optic sensors during the excavation of underground structures, digging large construction pits, during mining blasting or demolition work. The project uses optical fiber scanners, technologies connected with mobile networks 5G and cloud system of data storage and their processing using innovative principles from the IoT field.

The aim of the project is a research and development of optical fiber sensor system for monitoring seismic and acoustic effects due to small- and large-scale blasting, optoelectronic evaluation units with the support of mobile networks of the latest generation with intelligent processing of a large volume of data using advanced algorithm systems.