The idea „Follow the Vehicle“ is based on a simple principle: two cars, one driver. The superior car driven by a person determines all relevant parameters as its fast, direction, line, drive way or an aim of the drive. Mucha data regarding of wheel movements, acceleration and braking the subordinated vehicle gains by wireless transmission  from the supeprior car. The second car follows the first one until 10 meter distance.

Before the initiation of the drive both of cars identify through a digital code. Testing cars, two cars ŠKODA SUPERB iV, are equipped by hardware and software interfacing as well as high modern technologies based on smart cities technology and intelligent traffic systems. The testing cars follow traffic infrastructure and communicate through Car-to-X. The exchange of data happens by means of the standart for automotive communication ETSI ITS-G5 and mobile networks 4G/LTE and 5G.

To image discerning and identification of three-dimensional objects in surroundings ŠKODA SUPERB iV cars use sensors that are subsequently equipped by a camera system, special sensors, radar systems and communication unit. The testing cars „Follow the Vehicle“ simply reads a set of various data for example current position of the car and parameters related with driving. The systems monitor the surrounding of the car and current traffic in a real time.

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