In our lab tehre are set one of the modernest multifunctional protections from ABB company: REF630 and RET630. These protections are used in distributive and industrial switchboards VN or VVN. Thanks to them it is possible to simulate controlling of low-voltage model of the switchoboard. To this switch poles serve where each elements of switchboard (it means off switch, isolating switch, grounding devices) are simulated thanks to contactors. These contactors are managed by binary outputs and inputs. Further it is possible to connect switchboard’s output to an unit for simulation of electrical transmission lines on which we can set different values of passive components. Any turns from lines we can connect to a model with faults where we can simulate various kinds of electrical short circuits. This is important for testing individual protectional fucntions.

There is also a load unit available in the laboratory, where loads of different types can be connected using passive elements (R, L, C).

Both of multifunctional protections have besides protective functions as well as measuring, logical and controlling ones. Everything can be set in computer thanks to software PCM600 by means of programming due to fucntional blocks. As an innovation we can manage a whole model of switchboard by controlling system ABB 800xA even from home through the remote desktop feature.