Because of COVID-19 pandemic, IoT workgroup of Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering was approached by workers of Faculty Hospital of Ostrava if there is an option somehow to measure the concentration of oxygen in covid rooms. The reason was safety in these covid departments where intensive medical treatments of patients with hard going of the illness take place by oxygen therapy. There is a risk of high concentration of oxygen (O2) and then a possible fire or explosion.

The complex solution is based on the czech IoT technology IQRF when sensors communicate thanks to topology IQMESH and the transfer is secured by enccoding. By this the high robustness of wireless network is ensured. The sensor is autonomous, non-invasive, power supply is primary battery of 19 Ah capacity. On the base of measuring of own consumption the problem-free running is guaranteed for 5 years in case of each 5 minute measuring.

The developed solution is protected by an usable patter that can be placed on every department when the oxygen therapy is needed. The wireless sensors have a significant benefit for security of covid rooms mainly in that times when the epidemic was at the top and hospitals had to take care of hard covid cases.