Studying technical
fields makes sense.…

40000+ crowns

is an average salary after finishing study

96+ percents

graduates find a job after finishing study

20000+ jobs

for IT guys in the Czech republic are not occupied

Just take a view through our building from home

We prepared a virtual tour for you, that you can enjoy from home online. Go through our building, look at intersting and top equipped classrooms and labs.


Submit application…

Are you considering which school and study programme do you want to study? At our faculty there is a wide spectrum of choices and what’s more only from perspective technical fields. You can always apply during the admissions process, which takes place in the first half of the current year. In Bachelor level you can choose from 12 study programmes that you enjoy and offer you a perspective future.


Don’t let stereotypes influence you 

To choose the right university cannot be always so easy, moreover when your choice can be influenced by more factors. Decide really accroding to the fact what you like, enjoy and want to do in your future! Start by watching our videos.


Study what you like

Explore Study Programmes

FEI (Fakulty of electrical engineering and computer science, VŠB-TU Ostrava) offers 12 great study programmes in Bachelor study. Besides Control and informative systens you can choose Biomedical technology or Communicative and informative technology etc.

Explore Study Programme

Find out All reasons

How many reasons do you need?

When you hesitate about the choice of the right university, it is not only about what you like but also about important things. Believe that here in Ostrava technology we have a lot foor you. Just look at the first three of them…


You can start your own business

We help you to start your own business. If you have and business idea but you don’t know how to do it, you can ask our Centre of innovation support – they run a business incubator and support start-ups called Green Light.



The more sport, the better

In the campus you can do each sport you like. That’s the fact. Do you want to play volleyball? Go ahead. Or to hit the gym? Climbing? Tennis? Or do you prefer rather trendy but also calm yoga? No problem. And what you would say about hockey derby… you definitely have to experience this!


Scholarship? No problem.

Do you know you can earn some money by your studying or actvities for faculty? You can bet on a good scholarship that can be until 40 000 CZK. Eeverybody gets how much he or she deserves. Study fair and we treat you good.

Do you study an university for the first time? If you fulfill all your study tasks and reach a certain study results you can receive a scholarship after the first term until 16 000 CZK. After finishing the summer term we can pay you off other 16 000 CZK. It is worthy, isn’t it?