Measuring of workload

Measuring of workload of workers is a part of project in which five czech universities is developing new technologies with software that will be able to evaluate perfectly the most often risky factores of work environment.

Triple inverse pendulum

Have you ever tried a ride on Segway, Monowheel nebo Hoverboard? Do you know how selfbalanced or humanoid robot look like, for example Acrobot or Pendubot? Maybe you are wondering how these machines are managed or how they are made to be safe, stabilized and huge. Algorithms that are used for these systems, have common base in so called optimal managing. In practise you find another examples of usages of these algorithms for systems of similar characters. As instence we can mention wheel chair iBOT, leaning nozzle with cardan shaft in bottom of racket for stabilization of racket body, managing of technological parts of aircraft devices or ships.

Fiber optic monitoring of blastings

Using optical fibre for measuring of vibrations? Yes! Substantially it is phase interferometric sensors that measure wide spectrum of vibrations with extreme sensitivity. The resulted three-axis sensor should be used for a short-termed and long-termed monitoring of construction works and enhancing safety in a large constructions.

Simulation of managing of very high tension switching stations

Automation of switchboards of electrical energy is a key for their fast and safe controling. Come to learn how to program modern multifunctional protections ABB in order to a switchboard does not burn down because of short circuit or overvoltage. At FEI you can simulate various kinds of faults of electrical power lines and try to set protective functions that are able to safe expensive devices of switchboard when faults comes.

Monitoring of position of the rescue and emergency services members

In cooperation with ČVUT and firefighting services we are working on a system for online monitoring of rescuer´s movement in difficult buildings that interconnects more perpective areas at the same time. These areas you can study here - radio nets, sensors and artificial intelligence.

Development of a Complex Sensor System for Effective Control of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Scientists from our faculty are a part of multidiscipline team working on a research and development project from programme OP PIK realized between 2020 - 2023 with state support and focus on a field of medical engineering. The aim of the project is research and development of a system for monitoring cardiorespiratory activity during examination in MR, which does not require fixation on the patient's body. This solution promises an easy and fast preparation of a patient while maintaining the quality of the resulting image.

Compex system for development in an area of a non-invasive monitoring of fetal EKG

Scientists from our facultly are a part of multidisciplinary team that is working on ongoing project dealing with development of solution in an area of a non-invasive monitoring of fetus based on electrocardiography. This research will improve a babies´ monitoring before their birth. The results will come in 2024.

Digital twin of robotic and automatic technology

Virtualization is an distinct trend of current industry. Machines, products as well as processes are firstly designed virtually, then virtually tested and verified and after this they can be produced.

Math4U – practicing of secondary school math

Portal Math4U offers an original application for practicing on a mobile or tablet. For teachers there is an option to prepare new tests, interactive questions or exams for their students in a 10 minutes from a huge database of 4200 examples and 150 training games. All in well-made graphics in five languages and for free.

Development of sensor for Continental company

Measuring of high temperatures in working area of gas engine is an important part of every modern car. Correct measuring of temperatures helps to optimalize the combustion process of electronic control unit and thus to lower CO2 production but at the same time to enhance power of engine and save fuel.