AQMS is a web for the support of a long-term strategic decide-making that provides needful materials for the strategic planning and decision-making process in the issue of air quality for state bodies. All thanks to user-friendly environment in a form of interactive map. At the same time it provides information for public about air quality and planned measures.

The project includes five cities and their attached functional urban areas (Opava, Ostrava, Opole, Rybnik a Žilina) and whole area called TRITIA (Moravian-Silesian region, Opole and Silesian Voivodeship and Žilina region).

The web is available in for languages: Czech, Slovak, Polish and English.

The web shows mostly the following information:

Modeling of polluted air for endividual polluting substances – suspended particles PM10 a PM2,5, NO2 and benzo(a)pyren.

Emmision in the form of emmision squares for individual polluting particles and objective years divided according to the sources of polluted air.

The way of heating up households and used fuel.

Industrial sources of pollution with generalized emmisons for individual particles and objective years.