Choose from wide offers of study programmes.

Besides a choose of an university and faculty the choose of study specialization belongs to the key decision and answers to questions what, where and how. At our fakulty you can pick up from 12 study programmes at the Bachelor level.


Applied Electronics

Was the first an egg or a hen? Nobody knows it. The sure thing is a simple idea + electrotechnician = a perfect functional electronic part. And this kind of math we like!


Applied Physics

Are you creative and not afraid of thinking? Do you want to get to know the outside world and not to lose the connection with technique application of natural laws at the same time? The study and work in a branch of applied physics never become a routine.


Automotive Electronic Systems

How even more reliable, safier and modern can be cars? By what new will developers of electronic systems surprise us? It depends on you, too. Apply and take a chance to shift the development by yourself!


Biomedical Assistive Technology

Assistive robot Jean: Sir, your system of assistive technologies evaluate your movement activity is low today, your sugar level is higher, a fall risk is still high and your excrement does not correspond to the profile of your diet.


Biomedical Technology

She/he designs, counts and manufactures but this is not an ordinary technician. She/he works with X-rey machines, tomographs and magnetic resonance but this is not a doctor. Graduated electrical education at VŠB-TUO but not even IT technician is it.


Communication and Information Technology

When you call for help, they hear you out thanks to us as well. When you crave for a pizza, we have a large part you finally get it. We are spiders of modern communication which step by step knit their webs. We have still a lot work to do, a new era requires up-to-date, more reliable and faster interconnection. Do you help us?


Computational and Applied Mathematics

It simple, you love maths or not know well. You find out maths can be addictive! We show you it!


Computer Science

Our world consists of ones and zeros. But boring and monotounos it is not, every day is different. Each app, each web or operation system is changing permanently and this requires new ideas.


Computer Systems for Industry in 21 Century

We are 4.0 technicians and pioneers of a new industrial revolution that changes sci-fi into reality. Who would have thought that lights-out manufacturing would be possible?


Control and Information Systems

Close your eyes and think. What supernatural skill suits to you best? It would be a gift to control all machines of the world only by a power of thought, isn’t it? Well, welcome to the club!


Design of Electrical Systems and Technologies

Electricity is an ordinary part of our life. Without it, the modern world would fall into chaos. The truth is that we would miss especially the electric devices, which we, designers of electrical systems and technologies, design and control their production.


Electrical Power Engineering

All the time we lower voltage. Not only in personal relationships that are not our field but in public lighting, switching station, power stations or transformer station.