Ostrava is unique. And you will like it.

Ostrava is not black and white anymore. Day by day it has been coloured by special projects, new facilities and firms with a specific atmosphere and original cultural performances. Ostrava lives on its own and flourishes every day. Ostrava is rare and you will love it.


Ostrava is a student city

Ostrava has become a studenty city thanks to universities. It’s mainly due to ours, VŠB-TUO, which becomes larger, more interesting and innovative every year and offers a wide spectrum of activities and study programmes. Only FEI more than 2 500 students attend per year and at University of Ostrava there is busy, too.


We are in the heart of technique

Of our industrial treasure you do not hear for the first time, we believe. We are very proud of our industrial areal, Dolní Vítkovice. Once it was one big ironworks but now it is a main cultural, musical, gastronomy and sport spot in Ostrava. Many festivals and events take place there.



We are not only fans of Banik and good athletics

We are fans of Banik and Vítkovice Ridera. Whole year. And in June we support czech athletes at Golden Spike. And supporting our hockey team in a derby against University of Ostrava is almost compulsory for all from VŠB-TUO. Sport is loved by everyone here and we do not do it only in the campus.



Here it is cheaper

Generaly what further east we go, there is cheaper. The same is in the Czech Republic. At Wenceslas Square in Prague beer costs 80 CZK at least, in the centre of Ostrava it may be 55 CZK. And what about accomodation? You can save even thousands per year.



We live on cultural wave

If you are a regular theatregoer or visit the theatre once a year or you love art galleries and music festivals, Ostrava is culturally rich and offers many opportunities.



Ostrava is a traffic hub

Ostrava can be pround of its public transport net which is one of the most elaborated in the Czech Republic. You get everywhere in a very short time. Ostrava is a traffic hub that each train has to pass through and no matter from or where the train aims. Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Slovakia or Poland… just pick up. This traffic availability makes your life easier. Bet on it!



We are foodlovers

New restaurants are springing up in Ostrava in droves. It is unbelievable how food trends change and how many people like tasting new cuisines and services. You can try new bistros, restaurants, pop-ups and cafés.



Colours of Ostrava and other festivals

Ostrava is becoming a czech music Mekka. Legendary festival Colours of Ostrava is well-known around the world and thousand and thousands people arrive to Ostrava to be a part of it. Dance beats are heard at another festival called Beatd for Love. Both of them take place in our amazing industrial areal Dolní oblast Vítkovice. In abbreviation  – in DOV traditional family run takes place, too. Rainbow Run – not only for runners but also for people who love fun, colours and music. Ostrava is simply colourful!



The greenest city in CZ

Jarek Nohavica, regional singer and patriot, sings “Ostrava black, a girl loyal” and we add Ostrava green. It is true, there is a trend of reduction of industry and support more greenary. More parks and gardens you hardly find in another city. It is an ideal place for relax, picknick or play a discgolf. Ostrava has one more big advantage that Brno or Prague does not have. We are close to mountains. In Beskydy mountain you are in 30 minutes and up on Lysa Hill in 90 minutes. Who else does have it?



Ostrava is a large city

Ostrava isthe third largest city in the Czech Republic. With this fact as well as number of great and warm-hearted people relates and all of them you can meet in tens of insta friendly cafés, bitros and restaurants. Ostrava also has a many shopping centres with cinemas and other funs!



We are peculiar

People are kinder here than anywhere else. They are also more sincere. What they think, they say – take it seriously.

Báňská, at the top of the list.

Why VŠB-TUO? There are a million reasons why this uni and no one else. For example, the most important fact is that VŠB-TUO is a place where progress and development rise. Moreover, innovation is created in cooperation with industry, and you can be by it.


Hall of residence directly in the campus

Accommodation is located directly in the campus. Forget on long commuting by tram or bus. When you wake up 10 minutes before a start of lecture, never mind. Just to be clear please not in slippers and pyjamas.



The more sport, the better

In the campus you can do each sport you like. That’s the fact. Do you want to play volleyball? Go ahead. Or to hit the gym? Climbing? Tennis? Or do you prefer rather trendy but also calm yoga? No problem. And what you would say about hockey derby… you definitely have to experience this!


Studying at FEI you will enjoy!

Here you find the first esport classroom in the Czech Republic. Join to the one of esport teams and represent the university under the brand Esport VŠB-TUO against rivals from the whole world. At VŠB-TUO you receive the best support.



You can start your own business

We help you to start your own business. If you have and business idea but you don’t know how to do it, you can ask our Centre of innovation support – they run a business incubator and support start-ups called Green Light.



Travel abroad with us!

You can travel abroad due to studying or training. You can go for a term or two in Europe, in the U.S. or China, Thailand etc. Just pick and go!



We make super events!

Each fall we run for a charity. Technika Run is a tradition as well as Art & Science – we made a party with Mirai, Mig 21, Jaroslav Uhlíř or NoName. We also wear suit and tie for instance on a ball of VŠB-TUO or student union Younie. Or when we present science at nights.



Scholarship? No problem.

Do you know you can earn some money by your studying or actvities for faculty? You can bet on a good scholarship that can be until 40 000 CZK. Eeverybody gets how much he or she deserves. Study fair and we treat you good.

Do you study an university for the first time? If you fulfill all your study tasks and reach a certain study results you can receive a scholarship after the first term until 16 000 CZK. After finishing the summer term we can pay you off other 16 000 CZK. It is worthy, isn’t it?



We have one of the largest campuses in the middle Europe

Our campus is so large that you don’t have to come out from it. You eat good here, do sport until your energy is gone. A student life is super rich – it lives here at nights as well as during days. We have Vrtule club or T2 that are legendary. And who doesn’t experience a college party it is like he or she doesn’t study at university at all.

And what’s more, the campus is still enlarging and growing. Right now it is working on a new building of Economy faculty… right next to our one!



We test a theory in practice

From the first year you test everything in a lab, the main benefit is you can collaborate with companies on projects, trainings or thesis. Prefessionals from a practice teach own subjects here and everytime in auditorium it is overcrowded. And when they meet a really talented technician, they support his/her project financially.