Condition of the first round of admission


Fill an electronic application in. Nothing more is required. No paperwork, no post. Just simple e-application filled and sent until October 31 2023 for english studies.

Into the application besides basic personal data you need an arithmetical average of all your marks from third grade at your secondary school. This school report also scan or take photo of it and load as a attachment of the application.


Application The conditions of admission in detail


Pay a handling charge 500 CZK for the application. In better case immediately after the sending the application because the application is taken as completed after money comes to our bank account. At least March 31 2023, please take it into the consideration.



Then make an exam of adulthood and scan or take photo of your General Certificate of Secondary Education. At least October 31 2023 the photo of it load as an attachemnt of the application (through web system for applications).

It is important to do the exam but we are wondering more what you show us during the study at our faculty. Your chance to be here is high.

The system for e-application


There is no admissions at our faculty! Your application will be evaluated according to the special formula. By that the succession of applicants is made for each study programme. Your position in the susccession you can influence very much.

If you reached 75. percentile in SCIO – General Academic Prerequisites or you placed in first ten places in regional or republic maths or physics competitions for secondary schools (olympics, SOČ etc.) then you receive 25 extra points for evaluation. And this can help you significantly.


This is all, now you have to wait for evaluation of your position in admissions. If you fit to the maximum number of admitted students of your dreamy study programme, your place is sure! See you soon in September. Don’t worry, the capacity of each programme is large enough.




We give you information about your result at least November 30 2023. Until then if you have some questions, don’t hesitate and write us into the chatbox, follow our social media or visit websites etc. We are looking forward to seeing you!