The project of balancing table that serves for stabilization of the roll in certain position, uses a touch site for the imaging of roll position known from a monitor. In this case it is a resistive touch site. The roll causes changes of resistivity of the touch site by its move and the roll is imaged thanks to an analog-digital convertor in two axles at the same time in a real time. This convertor is a part of a control microcomputer.

Measured digital values have to be processsed by a set of filtres to remove unwanted hum as awell as measuring mistakes. Such alterned values can be conveyed on the roll position on the site and roll´s speed and acceleration can be calculated. From these values a needful table inclination is set for the roll countermovement by PID regulator.

For control of inclination servomotors are used and they are controlled by microcomputer. The programme solution has to use FreeRTOS system for sufficient fast reaction that ensures needful fast reactions for all components of the system. The result of the roll you can see in a short presentation.