Portal is divided into three parts – a student, teacher and class.

The part STUDENT contains applicatioon Math4Student and Math4Student Easy.In the app Math4Student students can generate according their own requirements an interactive HTML test from more than 4200 prepared tasks divided into 12 thematic areas and 56 sub-area covering all math from secondary schools. The app Math4Student Easy contains only tasks that can be solved without a pen or pencil and paper. They are prepared for phones and tablets.

The app Math4Teacher in the part TEACHER enables you to make an interactive test in PDF format or a test direcly in a printed version. The question are chosen from the same database as Math4Student.

In the part CLASS you can find a library Math4Class with 150 matching and table quizes for fun trainings in a class or at home.

All tests and games are available in 5 languages – English, Spanish, Czech, Slovak and Polish.

Our portal was rewarded by many prizes – we won European language award Label 2020 and in year 2021 we won in 20.year of competition eLearning.